About Gold Leaf
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Gold is valued both for its natural beauty and because it can be fashioned into most intricate and satisfying shapes and preserves for centuries it's luster and color. It's high melting point and malleability mean that it can be worked and beaten microscopically thin, so thin that it can be used to adorn, encase or cover an object, giving it the appearance of solid gold. The art of beating gold leaf and gilding dates back to ancient Egypt. Egyptian craftsmen beat gold into fine sheets by laying the gold on a flat stone then beating it with another stone.

Gold is an ideal metal for making leaf and can be applied to metal jewellery (cast or fabricated), wood, plastic, stone or plaster. The decorative item of which gold leaf has been applied to is called gilt or mechanical cold gilding, and not chemical bonding. Genuine gold leaf will not tarnish, unlike silver, imitation gold, copper. Gilded gold leaf will be protected with a layer of lacquer.